Julian Chua (Melbourne)

julian-chua-melbourne.jpgJulian Chua is a sports engineer with experience in wearable technology, smart (embedded) sports equipment, and data analytics. He has a passion for developing innovative technology and solutions that are customised to address different needs in sports.

A mechanical engineer by training, he had several years of experience in manufacturing and product development, particularly in niche industrial products and medical devices. He pivoted into sports engineering when he embarked on a PhD in wheelchair sports performance analysis. During this time, he gained substantial experience in sports research, wearable technology and sensor data analytics. He also had the opportunity to work briefly with Catapult Sports and intern at the Victorian Institute of Sports, where he had some exposure to high performance sports.

Following the PhD, he was roped in to a fitness technology project (also known as Versus Fitness), which aims to keep gym users motivated through gamification. Other than developing smart algorithms and building novel sensors, he picked up the startup bug along the way and got familiar with the lean startup methodology.

When not planning to take over the world, he enjoys running or kayaking, which helps clear his head and (sometimes) brings a spark of inspiration.

You can also find him online at LinkedIn and Twitter