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SABEL Labs swimming technology, Image courtesy of Courier Mail

SABEL Labs is a tight knit group of interdisciplinary research and development professionals who have worked closely with industry and research communities. We have particular experience in the domain of small technologies for sport and health applications where we have been able to add significant value to our research partners and clients though our diverse domain experiences and understanding of their needs

If your a health or sport research group looking to technology to help you innovate or gain a competitive advantage in grant applications. We can help! we are used to speaking your language, understand how to integrate a technical element into traditional research paradigms and have an NCG ready track record to help get your project over the line and deliver!

If you are in a sports institute you probably know technology can help with an on and off field competitive advantage, but find the right path to get there isn’t always straight forward. We understand that long development phases aren’t want you are looking for and that the main cost of technology is the finding the people to run it. So whether its one off technology servicing or co-creating something new from an idea you have we are here to help

If you in the consumer electronics product game and are interested in having a world leading technical team at your disposal with the expense and time of setting one up, maybe we can help. You can leverage our deep domain experience, particularly wearables, to help develop that next product in your road map or undertake a feasibility study to see if it will go somewhere. We’ll not only help develop the product (or bit of it that you want us to work on) but can also test it on your target market to validate its accuracy. You get to keep the IP too!

Startups we hear you and like working with you too. We can do a short turnaround feasibility of your idea ready for your next funding round.  You might like to leverage our track record of productisation too when you are next talking about technical risk to them too.