SABEL Ed – An education platform in the palm of your hand

Enhancing the practical education experience using low cost technologies for the classroom, laboratory. Ideal for distance and online education modalities where hands-on learning is essential.

The SABEL Ed Advantage

With the costs and competitiveness of delivering tertiary level education courses rising, SABEL education offers technologies based on low cost, hand held computing solutions to deliver courses with substantially lower operating costs, and at a fraction of capital cost to not only maintain the bottom line, but also offers an enhanced student experience and the opportunity to bring a practical laboratory environment for those unable to study in a face to face environment.

Today’s students rate flexibility in course delivery highly. Traditional on campus students now make up only 50% of the student body and with over 60% of them engaged in employment. SABEL Ed provides at home flexibility.

Distance and Online is an area largely unexplored student cohort by the technical disciplines

SABELEd.jpgThree educational scenarios…What’s your need?

Changing economic and social climates are challenging traditional education models and budgets that need to deployed by the University and other sectors.

  1. Enhanced Traditional Environment

Replacing computers in a laboratory with SABEL Ed results in an approximate 90% saving per station in capital and servicing costs. Students will attend laboratory sessions as they do now. This will still require demonstrators but the saving can be used to put directly to the teaching, not the equipment. Perhaps a call centre for their course at night, which is when the students do their preparation for the labs and their reflection on the work done in the laboratory. “Demonstrator Kiosk”. (Their time on campus is already busy – especially engineers who typically have over 20 contact per week)

  1. Distance Education

The cost of SABEL Ed is low, there are no licensing costs, which will enable a distance education model to be adopted. SABEL Ed approaches a ‘disposable’ costs and can be mailed out their laboratory including course notes and assessment materials.

This enables students from remote locations, or who cannot attend face to face technical courses due to economic and/or working commitments. We see that this model can be applicable to the mining sector who have a lot of Fly-in Fly-out work, workers with unusual hours (shift) and those considering a return to work who cannot upskill due to the rigid timing constraints of traditional courses.

  1. Online Education

This technology can be applied to an online environment, in a similar manner to distance education. By using a web interface to the SABEL Ed ‘lab bank’ on campus, students can manipulate the experimental environment through the web. Thus immersing the remote student to a real lab environment (and the practical skills that come with it) without being restricted to the campus hours. This would enable some of the more practical courses which need a “hands-on” real world feel to enter the online education domain. Using collaberation tools, laboratory and tutorial assistants can be available to supervise student through self guided experiments as budgets permit.

Whatever your needs our solutions can be customised to match you facilities, workforce and online environments.