Research, Education and Training

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Wether you are looking for Work Experience, Undergraduate degrees, Masters degrees, Internships, PhD programmes, SABEl Labs and the Queensland Sports technology cluster are active in the continuing education of sports engineering and technologists. From this talent base come opportunities for further employment within our partners or further afield. Or try our short one day course on inertial sensors.

Here are some of the programmes we offer, together with links to more information

Internships, Visiting researchers

We are delighted to consider aplications for visiting internships, sabbitical leave and collabrative opportunities. In general we are unable to provide accomodation or fund living expenses. We prefer people are almost at graduate level with a placement term of around 6months. While we can assist the VISA process many find it easier to come heer on a holiday or working holiday VISA arranged in their own country.

Work Experience

We are Brisbane based and we accept students from time to time, they are generally currently undertaking a degree. We are unable to advise on work experience at other locations sorry.


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