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STEMfit-logo-smallAnnouncing STEMfit

Our engineers have been busy…on a road trip developing our new education product.

STEMfit combines physical activity, with wearable technologies to create a fun learning experience in schools that meets national curriculum  learning objectives as well.

Our program starts with running, jumping and throwing our in the playground, before heading to the classroom to find out how our bodies move and how they might actually be on par with your favourite athlete.

Teachers worry not! If you can open a spreadsheet you are ready for STEMfit, with simple technologies, sample activities and lessons to get you going. Flexibility means you can take it where the enquiry, interest and abilities of your class are!

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Wearable Sensor Workshops

If you would like to get into the exciting world of wearable sensors but aren’t sure how, SABEL Education can provide the workshop for you. Wether is a 1/2 day experience for high school students, a professional development activity for educators or upscaling your R&D team in the use of these sensors.

This workshop will introduce you to our industry leading platform technology SABEL Sense and everything you need to know how to use it.  Is the technology hard to use?  It depends on how you wish to use it.  We can show you how to retrieve basic assessment data, right through to SABEL Sense’s full capabilities.  Perhaps you would like to grasp entry level concepts and learn about its capabilities as you go.  Or show what it is capable of right from the start with predesigned workshops.  Alternatively, we can provide teaching packages to suit your needs.

If you are considering using SABEL Sense as a teaching tool, we can provide ready made tutorials that we can provide workshops to get you up to speed on how to deliver an effective learning environment for sensor technology use.  Any situation, high school students, university undergraduates and HDRs, sport scientists, health care and rehabilitation professionals, industry at large – we can cater for all

The workshop is suitable for sports science and engineering professionals alike and provides skills in how to use, get the most from and integrate wearable technologies with other tools.  Business publications report that wearable (aka disruptive) technologies are the way of the future.  At SABEL Sense, we are aware of this and have designed SABEL Education to meet the demands.  Not only that we are at the front of the pack when it comes to the development of these technologies, we at SABEL Sense bring on board any new ideas and concepts to SABEL Education.

Workshops can include

– Understanding specifications of wearable technology

– Calibration and interpretation of inertial data

– How to collect and critically analyse sensor data to optimise sampling rate, sensors and resolution

– Data collection and basic tools on a BYO laptop or use one of ours.

– Biomechanical analysis using inertial sensors

– Integration and synchronisation with common tools like video and motion capture

Recent Experience day with high school students

Recent Experience day with high school students