Keane Wheeler (QUT, Brisbane)

Dr Keane Wheeler is a proud Ngarabal man and the first Indigenous Australian to graduate with a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). Dr Wheeler completed his doctoral research in exercise science and progressed to working as an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Health at the University of Canberra. In this time, Dr Wheeler was the Course Convenor for the Sport and Exercise Science degrees including double degrees, and contributed to more than doubling the student cohort enrolled in his time. Dr Wheeler then returned to USC where he worked as the Head of Indigenous Services. In this capacity Dr Wheeler led strategic decision-making regarding programs that built the academic preparedness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, and assisted in retaining students in Higher Education. Dr Wheeler then took up an appointment as Associated Head of Institute (Student Experience) at the Institute of Koorie Education, Deakin University where he applied current professional theory and best practice regarding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education and cultural capability to maintain, develop and evaluate services and engagement practises at Deakin. To achieve this, he collaborated with relevant work areas to assist in the development and delivery of multi-disciplinary empowerment programs addressing identified and emerging needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Dr Wheeler then worked as Manager of the Oodgeroo Unit where he was accountable for providing high quality information, analysis and strategic support relating to all aspects of the Oodgeroo Unit, QUT. Recently, Dr Wheeler has taken on the challenge of working as an academic in the School of Exercise and Nutrition Science at QUT where he publishes research and teaches in sport and exercise science.


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    Welcome to SABEL Labs, Keane

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