Sarah Carter

Canon 28Oct2013 053Sarah Carter is originally from the UK. Her current studies are in (BSc) Sport & Exercise Sciences, at the University of Leeds.Her expertise are in sports psychology and biomechanics. She’s achieved many qualifications in sport and is a gym instructor, first aid, and a S&C coach and believes fitness is important in health & the well -being of a person.

Sarah has worked with Danny James and Caroline Ringuet on the ‘Coaching Needs for Sports Science Technology Innovation’ project. Which is currently being published in the up an coming ‘Sports Engineering’ 2014 conference hosted in Sheffield (UK).She also worked with David Thiel on an exciting new dance project! Working with the use of accelerometers and whether they can be used as a source of feedback for dancers at the initial stages. This project was also successful and being published.Sarah’s research focus is on optimizing athlete personal development and performance within recreational & elite sport systems.

Sarah is currently focusing on her own project involved in Rugby and wishes to obtain some significant data in this field to further the development of Rugby, as being a former rugby player herself, this sport is very important to her.

After finishing her studies, she hopes to become a successful sport’s scientist.




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