Get your business on the High Street

websites-high street of today.jpg

Queen St. Brisbane circa 1928, Image courtesy State Library of Queensland


Time was that if your business wasn’t on the ‘High St.’ you didn’t get a lot of customers. I suppose this was because back in the day, passing trade in a busy shopping location was the way to attract customers with an impressive shopfront. These days with everyone looking online for where to shop, finding a business doesn’t entail a stroll down the high street.

Google, google maps, Apple Maps, Siri and Alexa are now the High St of choice so its vital that today you have a presence on the shop front. This means you need both a website (a shop front) and then you need to get it on the High St. In the trade we call this search engine optimisation. Businesses on the first page of google, and ideally listed on the map inset get the lions share of the trade. Ask me about SEO (Search engine optimisation) as well as ad campaigns on google.


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Dan has been working with technology ever since he discovered he had opposable thumbs and likes to write about his consulting work, life and hobbies.
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