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Dan has been working with technology ever since he discovered he had opposable thumbs and likes to write about his consulting work, life and hobbies.

ISEA2020 Sports Engineering conference goes online….

The next conference of the International Sports Engineering association is going ahead…thanks to the ingenuity and extraordinary generosity of its Japanese hosts it is all free….domo arigato goziamasu. Registrations are open now, intending participants need to register by reading

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Japan-Australia Sports Tech mini conference

Sometimes its hard to keep up. Last year we lost our favourite PhD student Sam Gleadhill to NIFS, Kanoya in Japan. NIFS is the National Institute of Fitness and Sports. He is there for a post doc after meeting A/Prof … Continue reading

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MBA: Books, Brand and Buddies

Following on from my accidental MBA I noticed there seem to be three things people are looking for in an MBA books, brand and buddies. By books I mean learning new skills,  whereas brand is getting three magical letters after … Continue reading

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Out of balance…and not knowing it!

I dusted off the Dogi the other night (it’s been a while) and paid a visit to Redlands Aikido to share some thoughts on stability (thanks for the invite Clem). Whilst I didn’t go the full toppling biomechanics. We worked … Continue reading

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New Strings

I just put some Tzigane strings on my violin (rather than my usual Dominant). They are a lower tension string, which I was told would be a bit kinder to my old french violin. In so doing its supposed to bring … Continue reading

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Compromising to produce Excellence

I’m working at the moment with another cohort of MBA students on their capstone projects. Its a quite a challenge as the term is short and by necessity there is a strict word limit (thank God). Their ideas are often … Continue reading

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Triple bottom line Politics.

There is a real nice idea in accounting called the triple bottom line. The idea here is that you measure in three areas financial, social and environmental and try to achieve a good outcome for all three. Its a really … Continue reading

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An Accidental MBA

A few years back I finished an MBA. I didn’t set out to do one but thats where I ended up. There are wild MBA evangelists out there (‘it will change your life’) and the detractors (‘over hyped, you can … Continue reading

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Finding balance – with 6 lists

  I’m a bit of a fan of lists and if you are too this might be of intrest. There is nothing so satisfying of making a list and checking off the jobs as you get them done. There is … Continue reading

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actually Getting Things Done

One of my favourite books of all time, in the productivity space is Getting Things Done by David Allen. Its a great read and i was able to take away a few key things that enhanced my ability to get … Continue reading

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