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Dan has been working with technology ever since he discovered he had opposable thumbs and likes to write about his consulting work, life and hobbies.

Finding your centre

Where ever you are in your business chances are you want to make it a grow a bit or a least make it a bit easier on yourself in the trenches. This is where Porters fives competitive forces can come … Continue reading

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Academic idea to entreprise

I still do quite a bit of work in the university sector. (I guess you get that when you come from a research background). Universities are full of amazing and very capable people with great ideas. These ideas are often … Continue reading

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The Fat Smoker

There is a great strategy book about a fat smoke (Strategy and the Fat Smoker” by D. Maister). You can read the whole book if you like but the Itty Bitty take on it is this: The fat smoker knows … Continue reading

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Consumer decision making process

It takes a long time for a prospect to actually make the decision to buy a product or service. There are several processes they go through, and at each step there is a funnelling, or more correctly a loss, of … Continue reading

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Data Security is in the news…again

Mark Zuckerberg has recently fronted a senate comitee in the US to explain the use of personalised data by a third party organisation. While probably this is more of a direct concern to personal users than businesses, it certainly highlights the … Continue reading

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Get your business on the High Street

  Time was that if your business wasn’t on the ‘High St.’ you didn’t get a lot of customers. I suppose this was because back in the day, passing trade in a busy shopping location was the way to attract … Continue reading

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When was your last backup?

When was your last backup? If you answer is anything longer than an hour ago  you probably don’t have an effective backup strategy! If you can’t remember when you ast did a backup hope to it and do something about … Continue reading

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The basis of competition

If your in business then there is a good chance you have competitors. Having a basic understanding of how you are competing with them can improve the bottom line immensely. The bright minds at Harvard University c/- Michael Porter have … Continue reading

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Science and Creativity

One of the great joys of being a researcher is taking on doctoral candidates.  These are our brightest minds of the future who go on a 3yr (or more) journey into the unknown. Armed with years of technical training it’s … Continue reading

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Validate or get it to market ?

At the most  recent wearable technology conference in Melbourne we had speakers from industry and industry all weighing in on the latest developments of wearables.  I had as conference chair the at times challenging task of facilitating an emerging debate on wether … Continue reading

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